Training and Tweeting!

Another overdue blog update…. Sorry – one day I will get on top of all my technology and actually understand it all!

Talking about technology however, I have finally joined the Twitter brigade. To quote from the fantastic West Wing, “Let’s forget about the fact that you’re coming a little late to the party, and embrace the idea that you showed up at all.” And so I am trying to embrace it – but I am not entirely sure what I am doing! Despite that, I have had some fantastic comments of welcome from a lot of lovely doggie people. I hope I am worthy of following….. I fear I may really be far too dull most of the time but I welcome all followers.

Sometimes however I get to do some great stuff which I just have to share! This week I got to work with Daily Star journalist Joe Mott and Brando, his fabulous Bull Terrier. Joe had been watching Dogs Trust’s new series of dog training films ‘Dog Training Made Easy’, which we filmed at the beginning of the year to try and help people see how easy and how much fun basic dog training could be – but he decided he would like a bit of extra help, and as he is such a huge Dogs Trust supporter, I went to visit them.

Brando quickly reminded me that while Bull Terriers have a reputation for not being that bright, they are at heart a working dog and thrive on having something to do with their brain. I wonder just how many of them get into trouble because they are not given any ‘brain training’?

As soon as Brando worked out what we wanted him to do, he threw himself into it wholeheartedly and worked like a superstar. Joe was a joy to work with, as he just adores Brando and, like his dog, ‘got it’ really quickly. I can’t wait to hear how they get on - already I have heard from Joe that Brando was shattered after his first real training session!

Keep an eye on the Dogs Trust Facebook page for some videos of the session - and just to see the lovely Joe and Brando.

I got a preview of the second set of Dogs Training Made Easy films last week – and they are fantastic! Far better than the first ones (and not just because I have more hair!) – and I can’t wait for them to go live next month.

The team that makes them is fantastic and a joy to work with. Their creativity, passion, patience (often with me!) and humour makes for a fantastic working environment – and I think it shows in the new films that are not only far better looking than the first ones but are much more fun. Thanks to Alex, Steve, Stu, Adam and Lisa. And thanks to the dogs – the real starts of the films. I really hope all the films (and the ones still to come) will help other dogs and owners with their training, prevent problems, and give them a better relationship. Please tell people about them!

And now I am writing the third series which will be filmed in October. All hugely exciting!

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